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How I lost 23 Pounds in 3 Weeks


I lost 23 Pounds in 3 Weeks in 3 easy steps. It was really easy. Here is the secret. Eat the same amount of food that you usually eat, just split it up over 6 small meals. So you are eating less but more often.
This article will show you step by step exactly what I did.

Step #1
Drink lots of Water! I drink a glass of water in the morning, with every meal (6 meals) and in the evening. This will give you 8 glasses a day.

Step #2
Get Moving!
I make it a point to walk every day for at least 20 minutes. That's it. Just get up and move.

Step #3
Eat 6 small meals a day.
Instead of eating 3 large meals, eat 6 small meals throughout the day. You are eating the same amount of calories, but you are going to be burning more calories.

Look at it this way...
Let's pretend we are building a fire. And so you start by putting on some kindling and then as the fire gets bigger you start to add in a few small logs, then a bigger log, then you just keep feeding the fire throughout the day and it keeps burning the fuel.

Your body works the same way. When you eat small meals you are giving yourself fuel to help you burn more calories.

Now on the other hand, Let’s say you have a fire started and now you throw a huge soggy log on the fire. What will happen? Well it may go out or it will take a while for the fire to start burning again.

By eating larger meals, you are slowing down your metabolism.
Simply give your body fuel throughout the day. Eat every 3 or 4 hours and eat a balanced diet of lean protein like fish, soy, chicken and complex carbohydrates like whole grain bread or oatmeal or a sweet potato. (For me, I just stay away from white food stuff like white bread, mashed potatoes, white rice). You should also eat lots of fruit and veggies. This will help you get extra fiber which helps to fill you up.

Here is an example of what I eat on a typical day....
• Breakfast (7:00 am): coffee, oatmeal and an egg with whole wheat toast.
• Snack (10:00 am) Appetizer Diet Cookie. I love this because it is nutritious and it fills me up (8 grams of fiber)
• Lunch (1:00 pm) Garden salad with Tuna.
• Snack (3:30 pm) An apple and a small glass of vanilla soy milk.
• Dinner (6:00 pm) Boneless Chicken breast with broccoli and sweet potato.
• Snack (8:30 pm) Another Appetizer cookie.

The 3 Week Diet is a popular weight loss program that helps people lose weight in 21 days. You can follow this program to see if it works. Here’s a 3 Week Diet System customer testimonial that shows the pros and cons of the system and its long term use.
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